TRX Full-Body Workout Bundle is packed with total-body strength and flexibility plan that will give you the results you want and keep you healthy for a long time to come. Bundle includes the TRX Home2 System, sleek and cool TRX Water Bottle, and a set of all 4 Exercise Bands to challenge your workout.

What's more? It comes with 1-Year Free Subscription to the TRX APP. Access digital content for upper-body, core and lower-body workouts to keep you training strong and feeling great all the way through to the final rep. 

Bundle Includes:



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I'm really out of shape and have a bad back and bad knees. TRX allows me to go at my pace, at my level as I return to physical fitness, strengthen my back and reduce further damage to my knees. It's a good program, with full body workouts, yoga options, really great.
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Great equipment! It is easy to use (I love these strap adjustment buckles and well thought-through details), it has a lot of safety features and it is overall well-made. Included exercises help a lot.
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Great Piece of equipment i would recommend this product to a friend!
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Love this piece of equipment. Great workout for strength and cardio. Waited a long time for this!
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Top, Bottom, and Middle line...
- Quality Product.
- Absolutely will get you in shape!
- "YES", I would buy again!
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