This is the ultra-enhanced digital version of the comprehensive, 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program used in all branches of the US Military. Now includes the TRX Pull-up Program.




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For the price I'm really not impressed.
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I have the full app through Google Play. I'm changing my operating system for iOS. How can I download on the iPhone?
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I love this app. I feel that I get a great overall workout that is strengthening me while increasing flexibility and balance! The videos are easy to follow and extremely helpful. They explain the correct form, so that the exercise is done safely and in a way that achieves maximum potential. The built in timer is easy to use. I really appreciate having it built into the exercises.

I love attending TRX classes, but the scheduled times no longer work for me. I am now working out at home and love the flexibility.
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I love it. I started on TRX in 2013, bought my own TRX and have the app for over 2 years. The explanations for each exercise is great. It put me in great shape and helped me rehab my knee. I was diligent to do the workouts 3x/week for maybe 2 months in 2014 and it helped with my strength and balance to win a national karate kata title.
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This is a really great app! I've been using it for about three weeks now. It's easy to use, has many exercises to reference and a great pull-up program
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