The combination of sitting at a desk all day, life stress and extreme workouts can all contribute to muscle tension and damage, resulting in poor flexibility. TRX Director of Training and Development Fraser Quelch takes you through a 50-minute, real-time stretching routine designed to counteract the effects of day-to-day life. Designed for any level of fitness, this program is perfect for professional athletes and beginner fitness enthusiasts alike, anyone who wants to consistently feel and perform better.

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Excellent! This is working very well to help an old guy recover some flexibility:-)
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I enjoy the video and once I master the program it will help me with the flexibility which is an issue with me. I will note that one of the last stretches shows a leg lift where the TRX pulls up the leg. This must be an old video because the new TRX does not permit this. The equalizer strap prohibits this stretch.
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Two stretches require a TRC without the loop. As it happens, the hamstring stretch is one I really need.
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Gave me ideas for incorporating more flexibility moves in my class.
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As the owner of a TRX suspension system and a Rip Trainer. I am sad to report that this is the first TRX video I have been disappointed with. The hamstring stretches could not be performed properly with my generation of TRX, and the woman in the video talked too much making it very distracting and almost coming across like an infomercial for the product. Fraser Quelch's instruction was great, I just couldn't overlook the short comings.
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